Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Change in Pace

Hey everyone. I apologize for being lazy and not updating this blog as of late. The last couple of months of the year are tough because movie studios are shoving tons of flicks down our throats for award season, which I love because it forces me to watch a ton of movies in a short period of time. The original plan was that Josh and I were going to simply watch all 100 films together and write blogs after each film. That is a bit of an issue because I live in Tysons and he now lives in Fredericksburg.

Therefore, we are now going to watch the movies separately and I have decided that I am going to watch them out of order. To be honest, sometimes I am just in the mood for a certain type of film. Today, I was randomly at home and I had just recently purchased the Blu-Ray for NORTH BY NORTHWEST. I have now watched and I am going to post my thoughts in the next posting. I have also already seen THE FRENCH CONNECTION and THE MALTESE FALCON, which Josh and I watched together.

I believe Josh is going to continue the countdown in order.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kevin McCarthy

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